Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bachelor in Information Technology(BIT) in Nepal

Who am I? Why I'm creating this blog?

Hey there. I am a student of Bsc.Hons in computing at Islington College. After my 12th grade, i wanted to know about BIT course in Nepal but their was no such information on the Internet.So, I created this blog which will help you a lot knowing deeply about BIT. The main reason behind creating this blog is to provide you all the information about BIT degree of Nepal and to make you clear about choosing colleges,their total fees and types of BIT that are taught in Nepal. As a BIT student, I am sure that if u can gain skills and experience in this IT field then you will earn great money and will be a succesful person.

Who can read BIT course in Nepal?

You might be confused that you are eligible for reading this course or not.But don't worry, this course is made for all subjects backgrounds like Science, management, Arts,Education etc. 

What's the scope of BIT in Nepal?

Actually, this is the kind of field which seeks skills and experience. So, I suggest you to work hard from beginning so that you can gather enough skills and experience which will help you a lot in getting jobs. It has a never ending scope for skilled student.  


1.Bachelor in Information Technology[ Purbanchal University Program]

2. Bsc.Hons Degree[ UK Degree affilated to different British University]